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<p>Limestone Rocks - Ingleton</p>

Limestone Rocks - Ingleton

Ingleton - Thornton in Lonsdale
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A bike ride starting from the centre of Ingleton and  reaching into the fringes of The Lune valley towards the village of Thornton in Lonsdale.

There are eye-catching views throughout this ride. Expect fine views of limestone cliffs, The Three Peaks, underground caves and on a clear day views of the sea at Morecambe Bay, As usual Pendle Hill looms in the distance.

The rides mainly off-road, but includes probably one of the best short tarmac sections I know, lots of eye candy and very chilled

Easy enough overall and there’s at least a couple of fairly decent downhill sections to look forward to towards the end, nothing too challenging.

Expect some grassy slow-going sections midway and the pasture climb from Kingsdale is too steep to ride (its hard enough walking).

Overall its fairly slow going


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Difficulty: rate Grin Factor: rate
Time :2.26 hrs
Distance: 10.8 mi
Offroad: 7.8 mi
Onroad: 3 mi
Climbing distance: 2.5 mi
Descent distance: 3.2 mi
Flat distance: 5.5 mi
Total climbing: 3992.8 ft
Terrain: Varied, flat tarmac into Kingsdale valley, Steep, muddy & rocky bridleways
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Start point

Oddies Lane - Ingleton

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The Route
  1. Park up on Oddies Lane in Ingleton village, somewhere close to the old railway bridge
  2. Acend Oddies Lane, its a bit of a pull
  3. As the tarmac levels out turn left through the gate onto the Bridleway & past the farm, towards Thornton Lane
  4. Behind the farm follow signs for waterfall walk
  5. descend on Bridlway amd cross the stream either by bridge or riverbed if you dont mind getting wet so early in the ride
  6. Turn right onto Thornton Lane tarmac, a seriously pleasant few miles of tarmac ahead
  7. Through gate on your left, and climb the grass hill, its un rideable and a fair push to get you bike up
  8. You should hit a gate thats been obstructed with large rocks, you need to get to the other side somehow
  9. Your going left after getting through the gate, the track starts muddy and difficult but very quickly turns into nice singletrack
  10. After about gates, theres a lovely bridleway decent, If its a clear day you can see the sea & The Howgills.
  11. Turn left at the barn & power pylon, Follow until you hit tarmac
  12. Turn right down tarmac at the bench & first left towards Ingleton past the Marton Arms pub if you fance a quick one


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Food & stuff

We were a bit mythed, looking forward to a few pre ride pies from Pearsons the award winning Ingleton butcher. Only to find out they werent open Tuesdays.

A horde of locals persuaded us that the shop next door sold good pies, and they were right. (just one shop down)

Also try Inglesport Cafe for full English, and the New Inn at Clapham a couple of miles away for the best local beer garden.







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start point - oddies lane. somewhere under the railway bridge
start point - oddies lane. somewhere under the railway bridge'
climb oddies lane...
climb oddies lane...'
left onto farm track
left onto farm track'
left behind houses - following waterfalls walk signs
left behind houses - following waterfalls walk signs'
follow bw...
follow bw...'
across water...
across water...'
right onto Thornton Lane - tarmac
right onto Thornton Lane - tarmac'
left and climb...
left and climb...'
left through gate...
left through gate...'
5 gates...
5 gates...'
left - tarmac to ingleton..
left - tarmac to ingleton..'



Escape Bikes
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Inglesport - The Outdoor Shop
015242 41146

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