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<p class="MsoNormal"><st1:street w:st="on"><st1:address w:st="on">Mastiles Lane</st1:address></st1:street>, a relentless climb on a push bike, but rewarded with fine views into Littondale, Malhamdale & Wharfedale. </p>

Mastiles Lane, a relentless climb on a push bike, but rewarded with fine views into Littondale, Malhamdale & Wharfedale.

Kilnsey - Malham - Hawswick Cote via Mastiles Lane
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Mastiles Lane was once part of an important long distance monastic route linking the estates of Fountains Abbey in the northern Lake District with Pateley Bridge

This route actually starts in Littondale but with a majority of the riding is in Malhamdale with a long stretch on Mastiles Lane. What can we say about Mastiles lane that hasnt already been written. Never heard of it? Where have you been? Probably the most ridden bridleway in all of the Yorkshire Dales BUT we recon this route is a gem. A seriously interesting tour round the flanks of High Mark with superb riding on almost guaranteed solitary fine track. Do it, you wont be disappointed.

Theres even a fine pub (Tennants Arms) at the start point in Kilnsey if you fancy a quick pint. We did and it makes climbing the lane so much more interesting,

We tackled this last summer and hooked up with some older bikers. This guy was 73, on a road bike and got three quarters of the way up, now thats a challenge!



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Difficulty: rate Grin Factor: rate
Time :2.29 hrs
Distance: 13.3 mi
Offroad: 11 mi
Onroad: 2.3 mi
Climbing distance: 3.6 mi
Descent distance: 4.3 mi
Flat distance: 5 mi
Total climbing: 435 ft
Terrain: limestone bridleway, some single track, grassy moorland
OS Map:Yorkshire Dales Southern area Landranger 98



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Start point

Kilnsey - anywhere on the B6160, near the Tennant Arms pub. We used to start this at Malham Tarn, but Kilnsey is the lowest point in the ride so makes for a better ride

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The Route
  • From the Tennants Arms pub, left and climb onto Mastiles lane It's a long straight gravel track run so no navigational issues but the challenge is the leg busting climb up the early uphill, it looks easy from the approach but believe us it's a killer, definitely do-able and not technical though
  • About 4 miles along Mastiles lane.The track descends and crosses a ford, continue as the track begins to climb. Stick with it until the gradient levels out and you hit a gate (over which is Malham Tarn). Turn right before the Gate and take the long but fairly steady climb to Hawswick Cote taking note to look back at the stunning views.
  • Theres a grin inducing descent with amazing views into Littondale.
  • Right onto tarmac (B6160) to your start point at Kilnsey


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Food & stuff
Tennants arms in Kilnsey, your start point . Or if you fancy dropping into Malham village from the tarn and extending your route there is the Buck Inn, a well known hikers bar that offers pretty good pub lunches local beers etc Theres also a  small confectionary type shop in Malham.




I did this stunning bye-way on a Roberts tandem before any such thing as a modern mountain bike existed, in the 1970s. Although off-roading on standard cycles was popular, and proved you don't actually need a Mountain bike!! Josie, Sept 09
from: Josie B. | Tue Sep 29

The best stretch of mtbking I've ever done.
from: Joe Kawecki | Tue Jun 2

I've just this route the other way around but I guess the downhill in to Arncliffe Cote could easily match the downhill of Mastiles Lane. I'm not sure about attempting to climb it yet though!!
from: Anon | Fri Feb 27

your climbing mastiles?? do it the other way round for more fun
from: Anon | Mon Feb 16

i drove a mini van along mastiles lane in the 70`s. no damage apart from a wheel bearing
from: Anon | Wed Jul 16

mastiles lane is a timeless classic, i have been riding it for around 18 years when i first got into mtb. i have many routes that take in various sections of the lane. i love it round there
from: Anon | Wed Jul 9

mastiles lane rocks!!!
from: Anon | Fri Jul 4



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from the tennants arms pub, left and climb onto mastiles lane
from the tennants arms pub, left and climb onto mastiles lane'
left -leave tarmac continuing on mastiles lane
left -leave tarmac continuing on mastiles lane'
mastiles lane climb...
mastiles lane climb...'
cross water..
cross water..'
right - before the gate following signs to hawswick cote
right - before the gate following signs to hawswick cote'
continue - following signs for hawswick cote
continue - following signs for hawswick cote'
right onto b6160
right onto b6160'
tarmac past kilnsey crag
tarmac past kilnsey crag'



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