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Hit the Hills
Hit the Hills

Hit the Hills
comments | Mon Apr 30

A new mountain biking holiday company offering catered weekend in the best mountain biking locations throughout the UK has recently been launched it's called Hit the Hills. It will come as no surprise that some of the weekends are in the Yorkshire Dales and the Lakes.

At Hit the Hills you get a bed (in a bunkhouse) for the weekend, all your meals and the venues are located right next to the best trails with a great atmosphere for mountain bikers. Food and guides are sourced locally thus adding benefits to the local economy and the guest always head to the nearest pub for a few drinks. Plus to help you relax you'll get free tea and coffee all weekend, cake to welcome you back after riding on Saturday and all the latest magazines to read. 

Hit the Hills was born out of frustration after spending years staying in overpriced/under whelming hotels/B&B/Bunkhouses and being unable to get a good feed at the end of the day. If you have ever been to the Alps then you will have eaten awesome food and enjoyed the great atmosphere; so why can't we have that over here? Hit the Hills is doing something about it and making it happen!

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