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Airton - Malham - Calton Moor mtbdales routes
15.4 - Miles
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Malham - The Big One
An absolutely classic limestone country tour rewarding your stamina with some unbeatable downhills. Some natural singletrack to die for and if climbing is your thing, you won’t be disappointed!
Malham & Settle -
Whatever you do, don't tell your partner that this is just an easy afternoon ride over the hill to Settle and back. Not the easiest of starts, leaving Malham, north on the Malham Cove road and a fairly hard climb. In fact a bloody hard climb!
Trailquest Mountain Bike Race MTB, Malham Show, Yorkshire Dales
A Mountain Bike Orienteering event run in the usual Trailquest format with 2 and 4-hour events.



















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